Can AI Turn People into Pokémon?

Can artificial intelligence (AI) take the pixels of pictures and turn them into something that looks like an actual Pokémon? It can! AI Art Models, released by researchers at the University of Tubingen, have demonstrated that this technology could have a wide range of applications, including in gaming and product design, to name but two. Here’s what you need to know about AI Art Models, and how they might affect you in your daily life.

How to turn your face into a Pokemon

FaceApp is a free, quick, and fun way to turn your face into a Pokémon. You can use the app to see how you would look with different hairstyles, or as an older or younger version of yourself. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate 20 years of Pokémon! The app’s advanced neural networks are able to accurately map faces in 3D space, transforming facial features by using more than 100 individual points on your head. The result is often uncanny – many Pokemon have clear resemblances to humans.

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How Neural Network Works

A neural network is a computing system modeled on the human brain and nervous system. The name comes from the belief that these networks can learn as humans do, by interpreting data. Neural networks are composed of many layers of information-processing nodes (called neurons). Each layer in a neural network does something different: some analyze sensory data, some turn raw data into more refined information, and others choose what to do with the output from previous layers. Data flows through these layers in a process called training. 

Do You Have The Same Features as Your Favorite Pokemon?

It can be fun to see what your favorite Pokémon might look like if it were made with artificial intelligence (AI) model. But is there any truth to the idea that you can use this method to predict your future features? For example, will I age and grow Grey hair and eventually resemble my favorite Pokemon Charizard? Let’s investigate! Now AI uses in online casinos as well. You may like real money casino online game.

How Each Pokemon Is Going To Be Animated

The project will be animated in Unity, a game engine that has been used for animated films and games like Disney’s Big Hero 6. PikaPikachu! is written as a procedurally generated 3D model, so it can be customized to specific users’ requests. In addition to the frame-by-frame animations, the project also includes a game mode where players are able to catch their newly created Pokémon in a virtual world. The goal of this project is not to create an animation that looks exactly like each individual user, but rather to create an animation that captures the essence of their personality.

Who is behind this research?

AI Art Models is a company that uses artificial intelligence to convert photos and videos of people into realistic 3D models. The company was founded in March 2018 by two Carnegie Mellon computer science graduates, Ivan Novikov and Nikita Kuznetsov. The team has been working on the technology for over three years.

Drawbacks of Pokémon

The Pokémon franchise has been around for twenty-one years. And while the newest game, Let’s Go, is a blast to play with friends, it’s not without its problems.

Let’s start with one of the most glaring issue:

i.e, There is no wild Pokémon battling. This means that you can’t see your hard work pay off in the form of catching a new creature or making a battle strategy work against an opponent who forces you to think on your feet.

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