Five Of The Absolute Best Strategy Games For You To Try On PC

The best strategy games combine storytelling elements with intellectual challenges. This makes strategy games a fully engaging and immersive experience.

The 5 Best PC Strategy Games to Play and Conquer

Strategy games have a unique allure to most players. Not only are they fun, but they challenge your intellect, test your tactical knowledge, and put your ability to predict outcomes while planning for everything to the test. On the PC, strategy games have flourished since they first launched, offering a diverse range of experiences that cater to different preferences.

  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall

In Age of Wonders: Planetfall, you’ll experience a game that combines turn-based strategy with science fiction and fantasy elements. Players are tasked with exploring a post-apocalyptic world while making strategic alliances and waging war against a diverse array of different factions. The quest-driven stories help you learn more about the varied factions that inhabit the planet and force you to go exploring the pre-made maps for all the ancient ruins and forbidden secrets. Overall, the game’s unit customization and exploration help to add layers of depth to the overall gaming experience. 

  • Civilization VI

A true gem in the world of turn-based strategy games, Civilization VI seems to have it all. With numerous civilizations to play, each with its unique abilities and units, you’ll find endless replay value. It is a turn-based strategy game similar to Age of Empires, though Civilization VI enables you to move through time as you seek to control the entire planet across numerous developmental periods. The critical decisions about expansion, diplomacy, warfare, and culture give this game a highly immersive nature that will make you want to return and play it again once you’re done. 

  • Total War: Three Kingdoms

For those who are fans of epic historical battles, then Total War: Three Kingdoms is the game for you. In it, ancient China comes to life as you lead your faction to dominance through a blend of turn-based empire management and real-time tactical warfare. Overall, the game’s intricate diplomacy and character relationships add depth to your decision-making and the graphics are truly stunning. 

  • Crusader Kings III

Another ancient history-styled strategy game, Crusader Kings II provides players with a medieval dynasty simulator where you manage your family, alliances, and the empire over the centuries. In the capacity of a ruler, you must make choices that will help to shape your growing legacy. The deep role-playing elements make this strategy game highly engaging as does the storytelling it provides to players.

  • Company of Heroes 2

Any World War II enthusiasts will find the elements of Company of Heroes 2 worth playing. The game offers intense real-time strategy battles and players have to lead their troops through the Eastern Front. You’ll quickly discover that using cover and terrain to your advantage will make the game more enjoyable overall. The game’s attention to historical accuracy and tactical depth makes it a must-play for strategy fans of all ages, but if you’re over 18 and prefer something less intense, you can always opt for themed online pokies on offer instead. 

The Absolute Best Strategy Games
The Absolute Best Strategy Games

While by no means complete, these strategy games represent a large range throughout various genres and styles. They combine everything from ancient history to space exploration and beyond. No matter your preference, one of these PC strategy games is certain to take your fancy.


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