The Atlis XT is the Future of Work

Electric Vehicles

As your business grows, it’s essential to find ways to optimize how you operate in the field and keep your workers productive and safe. It can be tough to try out new vehicles at first, since there’s always the risk that they won’t meet your needs and will cost you more in maintenance than you … Read more

Can AI Turn People into Pokémon?


Can artificial intelligence (AI) take the pixels of pictures and turn them into something that looks like an actual Pokémon? It can! AI Art Models, released by researchers at the University of Tubingen, have demonstrated that this technology could have a wide range of applications, including in gaming and product design, to name but two. … Read more

Fashion Designers-The Creative Professionals Who Make Us Look Good

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are the creative professionals responsible for bringing clothing ideas to life in the form of beautiful, wearable garments. These fashion designers work behind the scenes on both high-end and low-priced garments, ensuring that everything from shoes and boots to accessories, lingerie, and coats look their best at every level of production. How does … Read more

3 things I no longer carry in my backpack


There are things that for one reason or another I have stopped carrying in my backpack. I look back and it seems reasonable to me to have carried them. But now I think that before a trip we have to think carefully about what we should not carry in the backpack. On more than one … Read more

3 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for School Games

school sports

The school year may be in full swing, but it’s never too late to teach your kids how to better prepare themselves for their favorite games during recess and gym class. In fact, the earlier you start, the better off your children will be, so here are three ways to prepare your kids for school … Read more

How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Cake for Your Kids

birthday cake

The birthday cake is the centerpiece of any birthday party, and it helps make that moment extra special for the birthday boy or girl. When planning your child’s next birthday bash, don’t forget to include an equally amazing cake to go along with it! Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect birthday … Read more