Gifts for the little ones

We all know Children’s Day, but do we know what is celebrated and especially remembered on that day? We can try gifts for the little ones. The official date of the United Nations is November 20: the same on which the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1959.

As each country can celebrate this day when it deems it most convenient, in many countries, the Toy Chamber established the celebration for the third Sunday of August of each year. The objective of this date is to promote the well-being of children.

One of the fundamental rights of children is to enjoy games and recreation fully, which is why we have chosen 5 creative and original proposals to inspire you in gifts for the little ones members of the family. We hope you like them!

 Divine Home Deco

This decoration house (which has been making a name for itself in the deco world and has very divine things, as its name suggests) has incorporated its KIDS section with super fun and original options for boys’ rooms.

Our chosen ones are the pictures of the rabbits and the jungle animals. They are the most! It is a gifts for the little ones in the house to go to sleep imagining new stories with their favorite animals or to wake up with a smile because who can resist the love caused by these cute animated characters? Order them on order at any online shop.


Continuing with the inspiration of the animal world, we take the proposal to a more fun level, and we dress up at the hand of masks, a store of playful and quality design products made in artisan workshops.

Our favorites are the wild masks, ideal for playing with friends! They come in jaguar, monkey, weasel and owl versions. They are hand-printed, and the interior is covered with cotton so that it does not prick or bother when in contact with the boys’ skin. In the masks online store, you can see in detail all the models in stock. Which one is your favorite?

The Kermes

Suppose you are looking for a more artistic option at the online store. In that case, there are plenty of creative games to work on and spend an entire afternoon between pencils, watercolors, musical instruments, foam rubber and colored fabrics.

Our applause goes to a themed mega canvas with the map of Argentina to learn all its provinces and capitals by playing and painting! It can be washed and recolored. How about? You can buy it online.

 gifts for the little ones
gifts for the little ones

3R Design

What if, in addition to choosing an original gift, you also decide to take care of the environment? Children learn from an early age that the importance of caring for the planet and the environmental impact of recycling is super valuable.

The 3R Design store creates toys and accessories by transforming the textile waste of large companies. Two attachment dolls that, in addition to being scented, glow in the dark! And the bonus track is that the first of them also serves as a pajamas holder or to store personal items. Cup us! Look at all its variants in the 3R Design online store.


Children love backpacks: having their own space where they can store their most beloved objects and take them “for a walk” gives them that feeling of independence that they like so much when they begin to communicate with the outside world.

Backpack with an exceptional design, in the shape of a rabbit!. In addition to being an accessory with a simple and fun design, it is a convenient gift for various ages. You get it in the online store.

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