3 things I no longer carry in my backpack

There are things that for one reason or another I have stopped carrying in my backpack. I look back and it seems reasonable to me to have carried them. But now I think that before a trip we have to think carefully about what we should not carry in the backpack.

On more than one occasion I have recommended things that you should carry in your backpack. I gave you tips on how to make a minimalist backpack. But I missed the important thing: to see what is not necessary.

I am not going to go into obvious things like “leave the toaster at home” or it is better that you do not put the dog in because they take it away from you at the control. Never forget to take your phone in your pocket. A phone will entertain you even you can play online game like casino online real money.

Keep in mind that this list should serve as a guide to help us think about the things that are not necessary and that we sometimes carry around. My list is mine and very personal. Maybe some ideas you can apply, but others are not made for you.

Shampoo and liquid soap

Liquids have to have a special mention on any trip. Its space is limited if you are a low-cost traveler. Putting 100ml of one thing takes up space for the next.

I found myself carrying shampoos and liquid soaps that I didn’t use later because they were in the hotel or in the Airbnb on duty.


Look that if the liquids have the privilege of being somewhat limited, the towels take the prize for the immense bulk.

My goodness, they occupy a place that you don’t see! Before, I always carried a not very large towel “in case there isn’t one” until I realized that there were towels everywhere and if there wasn’t one, they told you well before you went.


They occupy a beautiful site and are very large

There is almost always in the accommodation

Sometimes you have to carry them wet

Clothes for every day

If after telling you that I don’t wear shampoo, now I tell you that I don’t wear clothes for every day, you’re going to think I’m a sucker. But no, I’m not. Depending on the destination, you may be able to wear some clothing on more than one occasion . For example, if it’s cold, you can wear the same sweater or t-shirt more than once. Not to mention the jeans that can be repeated many times.

Another different topic is underwear. If I go on a long trip, of several weeks, I take clothes for approximately 5 to 7 days. When I run out of clothes I put on a washing machine, wash by hand or go to a laundromat. Don’t forget to take your charge and power bank so you can enjoy casinos en ligne in your travel time as well.

Thinking about wearing everyday clothes would be crazy or it means carrying a lot of luggage.

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