Funny Memes: How To Create Them With Apps And Sites

Here’s how to find the right idea and turn it into a meme thanks to the best apps and web services out there.

The first internet phenomenon that we can define a meme to go around the world was perhaps Baby Cha Cha, also called The Dancing Baby or Oogachaka Baby. It is a child made roughly in 3D graphics who dances dressed only in his own diaper to the notes of Hooked on a feeling by Blue Suede. The video clip became such a smash that it even ended up in a historic TV show at the time, Ally McBeal. But how do you create funny memes quickly? Here are some of the coolest apps?


ILoveIMG is an easy-to-use editor but of a slightly higher level than other sites out there. In Home, choose Create meme at the bottom right. Upload the image or select a template. It is also possible to recall a famous meme using the internal image search engine, while it is possible to load the wallpapers directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. The text can be formatted according to various parameters such as position, font, size, color etc. And you can decide whether to put it inside or outside the meme. Among other things, ILoveIMG allows you to add other images in the available templates, to create something new. If you want, you can share the meme on social media directly from the site. You can upload your meme in your online account of online casino.

Meme Generator Free

Among smartphone apps, Meme Generator Free is among the most popular. It offers over 1,000 memes in high definition and the ability to use images in the gallery, without limitations on saves. Can add stickers and a custom font. Among the most original options is the one to join together multiple memes and create a huge one. The images are not copyrighted and the app does not automatically publish the saved memes. Finally, it is always up to date.

Meme Soundboard

If a meme isn’t complete without sound, Meme Soundboard offers lots of sound effects and a few games to pass the time. The sounds, however, cannot be downloaded or shared and the voices are only in English, but it is very easy and fun to use. Use custom sound meme while playing best online pokies australia real money.

Memegen on Imgur

There are many services to create memes online without downloading anything to your PC . One of the best for its immediacy is MemeGen. Just choose a meme to customize from the most popular ones, directly on the home page, by clicking on select a default meme. Or create a new one starting from an image with upload new background. After writing the text choose make this meme. Can download the image to share it.

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