Costumes for children before the New Year 2023

Costumes for children features the choice of festive costumes for children for the New Year 2023. Best ideas, advice, advice for parents.

Costumes for children for the New Year are not just fun carnival costumes. This is an opportunity to become a short magician and give your child a real adventure because many kids use the opportunity to try new images as seriously. If you approach the selection process with all responsibility, the festival in honor of the 2023 meeting will leave a lot of positive effects for both you and your children.

Features of choosing a New Year’s costume for a children

First of all, it’s the point, there’s an unshakable rule when choosing a costume for a child before the New Year says: the decisive word in this matter should always be with your little client if he has already mastered human speech. The right to make a final decision only applies to parents when they intend to dress a child with an adventure hero (for example before a photo shoot or a festive departure to a costume party).

As soon as the child begins to understand the meaning of the mask, he should be given the opportunity to independently decide who it should be, only to guide the child in the right direction. Does your daughter want to be reborn as a princess, even though they are 10 in the matinee? We have to accept this as this situation does not bother her. Has your son rejected your costume Ivan Tsarevich and wants to become Spider-Man? Give up, this is his feast. First, the child should have fun, not the parent with creative thinking, even if your idea is 100 times cooler and more original.

Another rule, no less important: if you decide to make clothes for the New Year for your child with their own hands, the active participation of future princesses and Spiderman at work. Surely there are some simple elements that will fall within the power of your young creator. Let him express his ideas and try to implement them with your help. If you manage to organize the business properly, you will instill in your child a love of creativity and perhaps give him the idea of ​​a future hobby. Not to mention the fact that in the overall work of parents, a few hours of exciting joint activities can be truly invaluable to both of you.

Heroes of adventure, film, and cartoon

Each child has their favorite magic hero and probably more than one. Children’s fairy tales, myths, cartoons, movies, and computer games – are all full of different characters and among them, you can definitely find one that will turn into a real fairy tale for the kid. Along with the costume of his beloved hero, he will get his own story and certain qualities that he will be happy to play. It only remains to find out exactly what suits your baby’s heart. So it will turn out to choose interesting and memorable costumes for children for the New Year 2023.


Domestic and foreign culture knows so many positive – strong, brave, smart – characters that choosing the right hero for a suit for the New Year will not be a matter of a grandchild.

Judge for yourself:

  • Ivan Tsarevich will need a patterned kaftan, a red boot, a hat, a bow, and shivers.
  • Prince Charming will not do without a beret with lush feathers, a robe, a shirt with lace trim, and ruffles on the chest. Or military uniform, if it is decided to take the prince from the cartoon about Cinderella as a model.
  • Crusaders need a long tunic with a large cross on the chest, a light helmet, boots, a belt with a pattern, and of course a sword.
  • For the hero, you need to pick up a long Russian-style shirt, helmet-Shishak, mace, or spear and at the same time take care of the imitation of chain mail.
  • Viking, in addition to corner clothing on the corner, needs a circular patterned shield, ax, and coat on shoulders that mimic the skin.
  • The Musketeer image will consist of a wide-brimmed hat with feathers, a blue coat with a white cross, swords, and boots.
  • A super cat needs a black jacket and trousers that a long tail needs to be attached to. Do not forget the neat ears and the black mask!
  • Illuminating the snowman will help with a white shirt, tied with straps on the chest and waist to show three snowballs, a bucket hat, and a carrot nose.
  • Well, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, and other heroes who possess superpowers are created by their costumes.

Adventure characters, with an emphasis on the pictures that you can bring an interesting costume for the New Year for a nanny, are no less widespread.

This could be:

  • Snow Maiden in a white sheepskin coat or a dress with fur.
  • The snow queen in an airy hoodie and a hair crown made of transparent plastic.
  • Alyonushka in a swimsuit, scarf, and bag in hand. Ideal if you manage to turn Czech shoe home into base shoes, woven from thick Whitman paper and painted in yellow-gray color.
  • The main elements of the housewife’s costume on the copper mountain will be a long dark green dress and a crown with “stones”.
  • Little Red Riding Hood can be dressed in a fluffy skirt with an apron and a blouse with lantern sleeves. Of course, the presence of a basket of pies for snacks and a real red cap is essential.
  • Multicolored wigs, short wings, and headgear with a small corner on the forehead will help to hide the image of Princess Celestia.
  • White fluffy wings will also be needed for the image of the Swan Princess or the angel. Both clothes, by the way, have a couple of big advantages: they look amazing, but they are rare in children’s clothes, so it makes sense to go overboard or spend money to order clothes for the New Year for your child, which will have no parallel in their environment.
  • The little mermaid will not go unnoticed in tight skirts or pants with fluffy ruffs in the form of tails at the ankles. Add a costume to the green, blue, or red wig, and pearl beads and the costume will be perfect.
  • You can create a Wonder Woman look by wearing a red gymnastic costume along with short blue shorts, a belt, a coat, and a hair band. Of course, it would be good to get a red boot and the Lasso of truth, played by a rope painted with gold paint.
  • The anonymous fairy tale and princess allow you to illuminate a bright beautiful dress with a hat or crown. The fairy tale needs a pole, but a light veil can be placed on the princess’ headdress. If we’re talking about a particular Disney princess who liked her daughter, take another look at the cartoon together and make a list of special details that viewers can identify the character, whether it’s Cinderella or Elsa.

If mom and dad are manual workers with enough free time, you can sew, cut or paste most of the cardboard and thin it on your own. But if you are not sure about your abilities, then it will be easier to seek out professionals. Fortunately, there are plenty of organizations where you can buy a baby costume for the New Year, including ordering it from scratch according to your drawings. But in this case, do not forget to look at the pictures with your child on the website of the equipment company and discuss what he wants to get exactly.

Negative heroes

Villains also have their charm and arouse great interest in children. It may well be that your child resembles one of the characters with a minus sign. Well, for that, New Year’s, so that the most original fantasies come true.

It’s usually easy to implement the pictures of the marvelous bad guy:

  • Koshchei Bessmertny is known for its crown and black suit with a stylized image of a skeleton painted with special paint. Add char and shadow under the eyes, used with mom’s makeup, and the baby will be happy.
  • Evil Witch or Baba Yaga dress, as opposed to Fairy, should be in dark colors. The rest will be handled by the details: head hats, torn rags, and stains, a frog sewn to the hem, a black toy cat under the armpits, a crooked rubber nose, and warts.
  • Count Dracula or a beautiful vampire will hardly scare anyone by attending a holiday in black robes with dentures, but they will certainly impress friends.
  • The costumes should be beautiful and a bit worn on long trips. Either stretch your imagination properly or buy a ready-made outfit. You can even find the advantage with a parrot on your shoulder!

Animal costumes for children before the New Year

Toddlers are unfamiliar with the term “anthropomorphism”, which means the representation of the favorite animal heroes in human form, but that does not mean that they do not agree with the idea of ​​appearing to friends in the form of cute animals. Admittedly, logic says that the rat’s outfit, even white and metallic, is unlikely to be on the list of the most popular baby costumes for the New Year 2020, but you will have a great selection, even without these rodents.

Animal costumes are suitable for all children, without exception, but according to tradition, girls get:

  • Mouse;
  • Foxes;
  • Squirrel;
  • Ladybug;
  • Flamingo;
  • Dragonfly;

But boys are much more often:

  • Here;
  • The Wolf;
  • Teddy bear;
  • Hedgehogs;
  • Lion;
  • Raven;
  • Parrot;

It is easy to sew the costume of the selected animal for a child before the New Year. Even if you decide to make ears and tails that are cut from an old fur hat, sewn on clothes with feather spots, or a beak that is glued from pulp, the image will definitely be recognizable.

Small tomatoes will definitely be interested in trying on the costume of a predatory shark or crocodile. But a fluffy kitten can be any child. Just like the dinosaur, if your little one is fascinated by stories about prehistoric animals at the moment.

Costumes for children
Costumes for children

Popular professions

Every child, regardless of age, has an idea of ​​a dozen or so professions and is often interested in one of them. Parents have long understood this and regularly play their children’s attractions and invent “professional” cool costumes for children before the New Year.

As a rule, boys willingly show astronauts, firefighters, pilots, policemen, miners (they all need uniforms and a pair of themed equipment), a scientist in a white coat, with unruly hair and a great invention in his hands, a matador in a raincoat and a sword, an artist with a palette. Brush.

Girls are more often interested in the professions of doctors, teachers, housekeepers, chefs, and circus girls. But the fisherman and the fisherman can be both sons and daughters.

Funny costumes for children before the New Year

Do you have a great sense of humor and inherit it? Then cool costumes for the New Year for children will definitely interest you. The point is to take something lifeless and turn it into a mask that will give you and your baby and everyone around you great pleasure.

First of all, of course, here is the New Year’s tree in a green broken dress, decorated glass skin, foam prisoners, and sweets, but there is a great risk that such a Christmas tree will not be alone with the matinee.

Less popular but no less interesting are the costumes of sweets, for example, sweets, donuts, or donuts. Their specialty is the brightness of the equipment, large dummy buttons that show the selected delicacies and sweets sewn on the clothes. To illuminate the donut, you can use a swimsuit, painted in the colors you want, sprinkle with chocolates instead of sugar, and apply it around the baby’s waist. But making your own burger, Coca-Cola, or ice cream will be difficult, so you have to turn to professionals.

Note! The internet is full of pages dedicated to handicrafts and hobbies, where parents now share their ideas about masquerade dresses and methods of making them. A few minutes of searching and you will get a whole bunch of sometimes unexpected but useful tips on how you can make your baby a costume for the New Year. There is plenty to look for.

Other things that can serve as inspiration when choosing clothes:

  • Clapperboard;
  • Doll;
  • Book;
  • iPhone;
  • Candlestick and much more.

Admittedly, there is a risk of overdoing it and causing problems for the child due to too bulky and uncomfortable clothes and among friends who are known as parents with a not very healthy imagination. So use your imagination but keep it in your hands.

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