New Year gift 2023: What to give a child before the New Year

New Year gift 2023 choosing gifts for children is not an easy task. Find out how to find the perfect New Year gift 2023 that will delight your little one and not require much expense.


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Toys for girls

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  • 5-7 years
  • 8-10 years
  • 11-13 years old
  • 14-18 years

Boy’s toys

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  • 8-10 years
  • 11-13 years old
  • 14-18 years

New Year gift 2023 is a time of miracles and magic, especially for children, because they are looking forward to this wonderful night to receive a long-awaited gift. If you do not want to panic and run for hours in endless stores on the last day, then you need to consider a few gift options in advance and choose the most suitable one. For New Year’s Eve to be a real adventure for children, the parents themselves must turn into magicians. To do this, ask the child to write a letter to Santa Claus stating the gift requested.

Sweets for the baby in the new year of the cooking pan

The most winning and favorite gift option for children is the variety of sweets that must be waiting under the Christmas tree. No child will be able to stand beautifully packaged bags containing colorful candies, cookies, chocolates, and candies in the form of Santa Claus.

Such sweet gifts are the main part of the festival. Today, sweets are sold in stores in large quantities and are already packed in bright boxes, which can be of many shapes and sizes.

Kids will definitely love the sweet cake made in the image of Santa Claus or the monkey – the symbol of 2023. Boys will be indescribably happy with a big ship or candy machine and for girls, it can be a cute box or Snow Maiden, it all depends on the imagination of parents.

Toys for girls for the New Year gift 2023

Depending on the age of the child, you need to choose toys for the New Year gift 2023. This rule should never be forgotten, especially if you are going to visit a family with a child, as a teenager is unlikely to be interested in getting a teddy bear.

New Year gifts for a girl aged 1-4 years

At this age, some children have not yet had time to create their own wish list, which means that the child can be happy with a new soft toy. Fire Monkey will accept such a gift. It is advisable to stop choosing educational games, and books with bright pages that can be viewed or painted.

Girls in this age group start taking responsibility with pleasure, they want to feel more mature. In this case, a large soft toy, doll, pram, or tiny children’s kitchen, where the little one can create their own culinary work, will be a great gift. Such gifts help to develop a sense of responsibility in the girl.

Toys for girls 5-7 years before the New Year

Every girl will be an indescribable pleasure, having received in the New Year gift 2023 a big doll that can talk, walk, drink and eat.

If you notice that your daughter loves cars, give her a radio-controlled model or railroad. Such gifts are of interest not only to boys but also to girls, especially if there are children of different genders in the family.

New Year gift 2023 gift set for a girl can also include a toy kitchen, which includes a stove, dish, dish, pots, and other cutlery. Modern small kitchens amaze the imagination because they have a lot of additional features – for example, they emit various sounds during cooking, the water mill comes out of the tap, and so on. If such a set has already been given before, it can be added with new household appliances or utensils.

Original gift for a little girl – washing machine, iron, or sewing equipment. However, such gifts can only be chosen if the child is interested in this activity or loves crafts.

For the restless and active girl, it is best to choose skates that show your favorite cartoon characters. Various outdoor games will be no less interesting. An electric car for children or a bicycle will also be a great option – it all depends on the financial capacity of the parents.

Many girls at this age already know who they want to be in the future, so you can donate a set of hairstyles, a doctor, or a seller before the New Year 2023.

Gifts a year from deadpan for a girl aged 8-10

It is worth choosing gifts that require a more precise attitude from the girl: beautiful porcelain dolls, plates for drinking tea, and various sets for creativity.

At this age, many girls like to create something with their own hands. Therefore, you can donate a toy sewing machine, which will create the first masterpieces. Of course, the production of clothes for her favorite dolls will begin first, and over time, the girl can sew new clothes for herself.

For not only creative development but also finesse to win, choose useful games. These can be puzzles or sets for the hotplate, the craft that is baked from the oven and turned into figures.

Color books are perfect for creative people – the simplest plates with pencils or real canvases that they paint with acrylic paint.

At this age, many girls enjoy organizing real-life plays for their families. Therefore, it is better not to give simple toys, but to develop a stage with a backstage or puppet show. A great choice would be a music microphone that has a special song.

Girls start growing up by paying special attention to their appearance and trying to imitate their mothers. And here the parents have inexhaustible scope to choose a gift – it can be hats, beautiful shoes or original costumes.

Christmas toys for girls 11-13 years old

Girls are beginning to be actively interested in various crafts; they have their first hobbies and hobbies, which they can spend almost all of their free time. A great choice would be made to make soap or create a variety of fragrances.

A beautiful box filled with various accessories and cosmetics for children will be a real gift. At this age, some girls want to get modern gadgets as a gift for the New Year – phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Gifts for girls aged 14-18 for the New Year gift 2023

As they grow older, girls begin to differentiate themselves with instability in desires and hobbies, so it is sometimes very difficult for parents to guess what kind of gift their daughter would want to receive at the turn of the year.

You can introduce costume jewelry or jewelry to teenage girls. A house suit or jeans that my daughter has long dreamed of will also come into play.

No girl can resist cosmetics or perfume. You can opt for more practical gifts, such as a hair dryer, curling iron, or hair iron, set for a pedicure or manicure.

Adult girls will enjoy a year of membership in the gym or spa where they can receive all kinds of services (swimming pool, sauna, cosmetics, massages, etc.). An equally desirable gift will be a ticket to the concert of your favorite band.

Toys for a boy in the new year of the cook

It seems that it is much easier to choose a New Year’s gift for a boy because it can be a machine or a variety of carpenters. But everything is not so simple; it is much harder to choose a gift set for a boy than for a girl.

New Year gifts for a boy aged 1-4 years

Boys are very curious and enjoy exploring the world – they love to disassemble various toys into small pieces. Because they can swallow some parts.

You can give the boy soft cubes of bright colors with letters, thanks to which the child will not only play but also learn the alphabet at the same time. Little boys will love stuffed animals, interactive chat books, and coloring pages.

New Year gift 2023
New Year gift 2023

Toys for boys 5-7 years before the New Year gift 2023

Boys will be interested in playing table football or hockey; Velcro darts would be a good choice (it is better to refuse darts so that children are not injured). These games are always popular with boys.

Gifts for children of this age are very diverse: water cannon, the costume of a favorite cartoon character, set by a builder or electrician, musical instruments (if the child is interested in this art form), a projector for the starry sky, binoculars, binoculars, astronomical store of the solar system with precise lighting other heavenly bodies.

It is much easier to choose gifts for children than for active boys. It can be skates, roller skates, bicycles, or toy cars. In this case, it is important to take care of special protective equipment (elbow, helmet, and knee).

Gifts for a boy in the year of cooking at the age of 8-10 years

Boys soon begin to understand a variety of techniques. Therefore, a gift for a child can be in the form of a remote-controlled car or helicopter, a drone with remote control, with which your son can shoot his own video.

At this age, boys create a variety of toys on their own with great pleasure. Try to encourage all of your child’s creative motivations – show off building kits, kits for making children’s furniture, or toys.

Many boys of this age want their own phone or tablet. A CD with logical computer games that help to develop thinking will be a good gift.

Toys for boys 11-13 years old before the New Year gift 2023

It is best to give children at this age not only interesting but also serious games – for example, a stationary microscope equipped with various functions to increase the object, set for a chemical or physical experiment, which includes not only bottles and vessels of different made sizes but also substrates, colored liquids.

If your child is starting to get involved in sports, encourage them and give those balls, sneakers, uniforms, bicycles, or kits for group games on the street at the turn of the year. Your son will definitely love radio-controlled toys, including robots, helicopters, and boats.

Gifts for a boy aged 14-18 in the year of the fire pipe

It’s best for adult boys to give useful and versatile gifts: smartphone, computer, tablet, sports subscription, digital camera, extreme ATV ride and it’s also a great opportunity to spend time with a son.

Many children want to have a pet, if your child has been asking for a kitten or puppy for a long time, please him. Such gifts for the New Year 2016 can only be given if you have a place to store the animal.


When choosing a New Year gift 2023 for a child, it is important to consider its interests and interests. Adult children understand that it is not the wonderful Santa who brings the gift for the Christmas tree, but the parents, so you can try to find out in advance what your child dreams of and buy the toy or modern gadget he has long wanted.

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